60 Expressions Startup Part I Organization & Product/Service

Blog-cover-60 expressions startup-part I
Startups have their own vocabulary. Words as “pivot” or “disruptive” seem quite difficult to understand. Actually it is just another way to describe their business. Understand these expressions, or jargons can help understand how a startup works.

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A Brief History of Terrorism


Terrorism is the use of violence to create fear for political, religious, or ideological reasons. The terror is intentionally aimed at noncombatant, such as civilians. It is an old tactic and it has a strong influence on our life today.

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Choose the right form for your content

choose the right content for your content

Before we produce our content, one question is which form we should use. The form refers to style, techniques, media and how the elements of design are implemented, while the content is a work’s essence. With the right form, we can organize easily the content so that reader can capture quickly the message. The right form makes the content more compelling.

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Halloween: Culture, Facts & Business


As one of the most popular holiday in America, today Halloween has become widely known and a business opportunity in the world. In more and more countries influenced by US culture, the non-religious celebrations have been achieving some popularity especially among children and teenagers.

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