How to write a Business Plan

No matter for a large company or just a personal project, having a Business Plan (BP) is very important for your success.

For external use, a BP is always demanded when you need financial help, from a business angel, a bank, a venture capital etc. For internal use, a business plan is a guideline for your business development. It is a complete project which shows you why you are doing this, where to go, how to achieve your goals etc. You can always compare your current situation with your business plan to see how is your business going. If needed, you can always modify or adapt it to see the impact.

There is not a fixed form for your BP, but generally speaking, it should include a description of your business, a presentation of yourself and your partners, a market study, the development strategy and the objectives you set, a solid action plan and the financial forecast.

Before writing your own BP,  see my presentation “How to write a Business Plan ?” and try to answer those questions in order to have clear ideas. (This presentation was featured at the home page of Slideshare in 2014).

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